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Renew your business every year with complete peace of mind.

At Groupe Clemenceau, we can help you with the annual renewal of your business in Dubai. The cost of renewal is set by Freezone and we do not apply any additional service charges if you provide all the necessary documents. 

+ More than 10 years’ experience and support in the Emirates.

why company renewal is essential?

It’s crucial to renew your license on time to avoid any problems of non-compliance or business interruption. Delays in renewal may result in :

Fines and penalties from local authorities.

Suspension or cancellation of your operating license.

Complications with business partners and suppliers.

Difficulties in maintaining your bank account, as banks often require a valid license to open and maintain an account.

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Our multi-disciplinary team of lawyers, accountants and chartered accountants covers the full range of requirements for setting up companies in the Emirates. But we don’t stop at the creation of your company, we accompany you in your installation, the renewal of your company, the management of your company…

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Thanks to our network of partners and our local knowledge, your company’s changes are made faster. You save time and peace of mind!


Complex procedures are transformed into simple steps. Fill in a simplified online questionnaire, and we’ll manage all exchanges with the administration.


You avoid the trap of costly mistakes that lengthen lead times. You can rely on our team of legal experts to check every step of the process.


No compromise between quality and controlled cost. Prices calibrated to your requirements and needs, clear rates with no hidden costs. Everything you need for peace of mind!


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